I don’t remember a life without diabetes. I am Benigne Isabane, 22 years old, and I am a brand specialist. As always reaching for the stars, I have been working hard, always trying everything out and I had fun doing it. Everything was going great then in 2013 I got the shock of my life. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and one month before that, I started to notice that I was losing weight, I was drinking a lot of water, using the bathroom a lot and I didn’t know why and it was such an uncomfortable feeling I wasn’t sure that I will be able to do all the things that I have dreamed of. However, I tried to stay open and positive about diabetes. Though it is awful to have diabetes I have had the opportunity to do amazing things because of it.

Firstly, at the time, I knew nothing about diabetes. All I knew was that I have to test my blood and give myself shots every day just like all the patients with type 1 diabetes treated with insulin pump therapy. My daily routine is a bit different to someone without diabetes. I have to wake up, do some blood tests, have some insulin for food then repeat the process of injecting and blood testing. Depending on how busy my day is or what I’m doing sometimes I don’t do all the blood testing or take all the insulin that I am supposed to. At school or somewhere else every time that I had to inject or do a blood test I had to get a lot of questions and a lot of reactions like that’s horrible or do you really go through all of that every day it almost seems like there is a constant need to justify what I’m doing which makes it harder to let it be part of daily life.

Furthermore, Type 1 diabetes has affected every moment of my life and I would say that my life has changed drastically after I was diagnosed. To be honest this is a serious condition, and it does take a lot of effort from the person who has it and around them to control,I feel like to control it does not only mean to always make sure that my numbers are on the reasonable range but also it should mean to create a welcoming world Diabetes is not a disease which can be confronted alone. Mental and physical support must be provided to patients. A strict diet is critical and, most importantly, appropriate foods should be taken. As mentioned before, patients in many cases need a lot of financial help. A diabetic must be educated on his condition if he wants to remain healthy.with type 1 diabetes.

Over the last 8 years with type 1 diabetes, it has been a very rewarding and challenging experience. Particularly GT foundation has been really supportive standing with type 1 diabetes patience to think through their challenges. To anybody who is newly diagnosed with diabetes, especially teenagers I would say it is not the end of the world and it is something you have to take care of. Though there is no cure for diabetes, a normal life with diabetes is to live with it well controlled and we cannot take away the pain that it causes but we can stand with those who are grieving and share their sadness.