A normal life with diabetes is to live with it well controlled, and living with diabetes during this COVID-19 pandemic has been a double challenge for people with diabetes or other pre-existing medical conditions.

It is a fact that people with diabetes are at increased risk of infections including influenza and other complications and diseases like COVID-19.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 just like anyone else, patients with diabetes had to follow the general prevention advice given by the authorities thoroughly to avoid the spreading of COVID-19.

During this COVID-19 pandemic it was really difficult for me to have access to all this: 

Medical Sessions:

It is very important for patients with diabetes to see their doctors on a regular basis for the sake of managing and taking control of their medical condition.

Insulin Therapy:

Just like all the patients with type 1 diabetes treated with insulin injections  or pump therapy.

The insulin doses should be titrated using frequent glucose and ketone monitoring to avoid hypoglycemia and correctional bolus of fast-acting insulin to avoid severe hyperglycemia and ketoacidosis.

This COVID-19 has mostly hindered the supply chain of insulin and blood glucose test strips to me which sometimes led to the shortage of it.

Having in mind all that made me realise that poorly controlled diabetes can weaken my immunity and thereby increase the risk of getting infected by this virus.

So as prevention 
  • I had to keep consulting my physician virtually or via phone calls and follow all the official medical advice. 
  • I've also managed to keep my insulin treatment, increase the dose as needed and frequently measure my blood glucose and ketones.

With all this being said i've also been vigilant to minimize all the risks of being exposed to COVID-19 by :

  • Washing hands frequently.
  • Maintaining social Distancing
  • And implement protective measures all the time.